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Vítejte na mém osobním webu/blogu, který je věnován hlavně bollywoodu, cestování a Indii!
Aktuálně zde budou přibývat hlavně články z mé cesty po Indii - praktické informace, moje postřehy či doporučená místa.

My personal web/blog that connects my long-lasting love affair with Bollywood and my enthusiasm for travelling.
Recently, I have visited India so new articles are expected soon.

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Jsem také licensovaným průvodcem Prahou, ZDE je má nabídka.
I am also a licensed English speaking Prague city guide and HERE is my offer.



Longer introduction in English:

I saw my first bolly song almost 8 years ago (Balle Balle from Bride and Prejudice) and it was love at a first sight, all those colours, dresses, jewellery and enchanting music. I was totally mesmerized …and I wanted more ! But it is not that easy to find Indian clothes or DVDs here in Prague so every time I travel I search for shops or marketplaces.  Now, I would like to start writing about my travelling experiences and maybe I would be able to pass my acquired knowledge on you – my recommendations, tips, advices, reviews...

Well, introductions are worthless without further content…so hopefully new articles will be here in a short time. My intention is to write in English and since it is not my first language (Czech is) be merciful.


INFO: This web is still under construction.

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