Happy Diwali to everyone ! :)

The Festival of Lights is here and you want to be part of celebrations in Prague ? You can ! I know about two public Diwali events in Prague. So where to go celebrate ?


1) Indian Days in Ethnomir                                                   

    When: 12. - 15. 11. 2015                                                             
    Where: Centrum kultury Ethnomir, Legerova 40, Praha                        

It starts tomorrow (12 November) with the movie screening at 17pm. Apart from that, they offer Bollywood dance workshop, henna workshop, special program for families with children and more. Best to check their Facebook page for more details.

2) Prague Diwali Dhamaka 2015

When: 14.11.2015, 16:45 - 21:30
    Where: Cultural center Novodvorská 1013/151, Praha 4, Lhotka.

As always, they invited dance groups of different styles (bollywood, classical, modern..) =  to entertain you. I like this event (also their Holi) cause there are many people both performing and visiting. Again, check their facebook event for more information.


+ Brno

I realized that there is another Diwali event in Brno: Diwali Extravagant Celebrations

    When: 28.11.2015, 17pm. 
    Where: Namaskar restaurant, Táborská 456/157, Brno

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/110065546024924/

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