Prague Trip - Žvahov, Děvín Hill

Do you ever wish to escape from the bustling city? In Prague you have several chances to do so. One of them is to visit Děvín Hill and surrounding area called Prokopské údolí (Prokop Valley) to which I will give a separate article later in the future.

We tried this trip about two weeks ago. We begun our journey from the station Lihovar (trams 6, 12, 14, 20 and various buses) from there it is possible to either use tram or walk to station Zlíchov (1). It is of course possible to start at Zlichov, hehe.
From Zlichov it is very easy, you just go up the hill through very calm area of family houses, see the map. At the end of the street you need to go up to the train station Žvahov.

The train station Žvahov is part of the Prague Semmering railway that goes from the city center (Central Station or Smíchov) to the Prague district Řepy. It was named after the Semmering mountain railway in Austria linking Vienna and Graz. Prague Semmering railway resembles its Austrian counterpart in steep climbing and mountainous character. It enables visitors to experience a quite different face of Prague, very calm and full of nature. Find more about it here:

But we continued up again using one narrow and very steep route that lead directly to the top of the hill. Once you are there it is very beautiful. One of the most spectacular views in Prague! We were lucky to be there when it was especially nice weather for this part of year.
Děvín Hill (can be roughly translated as Girl´s Hill) was allegedly named after one Czech legend about. That legend says that there was a conflict between men and women once in Czech history. A rebellious group of women, which was fighting against men and for a period of time also ruling over them, was positioned here. According to that legend, remains of their castle are still there at the top of the hill, or to be more specific at the hillside when you go up from Žvahov. The last fact is true but the truth about the whole legend is uncertain. What is more reliable is that the castle was established around the year 1338 and was most likely destroyed around the year 1437 as a seat of robbers. However, the remaining parts of the castle were being used as training target of artillery. :p Heh, so one cannot expect much to see nowadays after its history. 

But still, the most interesting thing about Děvín is its nature and views. It reminded me of Arthur´s Seat in Edinburgh yet of course in a smaller scale. Perhaps the atmosphere was pretty much the same.

The place in the picture below is called Ctirad - who was, according to the same legend, a leader of the male group.

From Ctirad (1) we headed downhill again using not so comfortable routes and probably suitable only for well-prepared travelers, no high heels for example. There are more ways how to return back to civilisation. ;) Then, through the streets of very nice villas to the bus number 120 (2) that goes to Smíchov. But it is possible to continue from Ctirad farther to Dívčí Hrady (3) where a blue water tower is.

More pictures from Děvín below, my friend Hana was there with me and she is pictured on some of them as she is highly photogenetic. :)

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